Y ahora que Mallarmé ha muerto, tiremos los dados sobre la noción de cine


Bulegoa z/b

14 07 2016
  Photographs: Isabel de Naverán
Undécima sesión de lectura de «El libro por venir»

The session revolves around the possible relations between the book and the cinema. Taking as a starting point Un Coup de dés jamais n’abolirá le hazard, the poem by Stéphane Mallarmé that Marcel Broodthaers transformed into an «specific object» and considered as the foundation of contemporary space, we will explore some of the keys to Belgian artist’s filmic model and how these establish dialogues with the work of other artists, including my own.

The session will start with a presentation of Things Said Once, an artistic statement and an eulogy to film that approaches text and its reading as projection and performance.

We will then approach a constellation of works that set up relationships with some of the central preoccupations of Broodthaers cinematographic model, where mallarmian time and the problem of sequentiality he learned from Baudelaire are invoked in order to conjured up mobility with stillness, spaciality with punctuation signs, the hand with the eye, the page with the frame. The last third of the session will be dedicated to practice-based exercises involving writing directly onto 16mm film, which we will then screen.